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Interested in direct hire and temporary recruiting but worried about dealing with complex procedures? BZ offer a simple, effective service that’s easy to understand.

Personalised support

We’re the right contact to help you find French or European personnel. We advise and support you throughout the entire service period.

Administrative and legal support

We’re here to help you with all administrative and legal processes. We work in compliance with French labour laws and European legislation.

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The first platform in France for finding European staff

BZ offers direct hire and temporary European recruiting services for businesses (small, medium and large companies, self-employed professionals, etc.) 

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BZ - Recrutement de main d'oeuvre étrangère

European staff recruiter

We provide French staff for direct or temporary hire, or qualified European sub-contractors. As an intermediary, we work with both parties, ensuring that services are compliant and providing regular follow-up with our clients.

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Our services

Sub-contracting with European companies

Connecting you with sub-contractors based on your needs and criteria.

BZ - Recrutement de main d'oeuvre étrangère

Recruiting temporary European staff

Access to a pool of French and European temp agencies.

BZ - Recrutement de main d'oeuvre étrangère

Recruiting direct hires

BZ organises your recruiting according to your selection criteria. It's a quick and flexible solution.

BZ - Recrutement de main d'oeuvre étrangère
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